• Imitation Crab Meat

    A product of the U.S., this value alternative looks and tastes similar to the meat of the King Crab. The end result of any dish using this meat is delectable and satisfying.

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  • King Crab

    Named for its large size, the King Crab originates from the waters of Russia, Norway, and Alaska. King Crab meat is known for being more expensive and considered “fancier” than most seafood products.

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  • Warm Water Lobster Tail

    Coming from the tropical regions of Brazil, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Belize, the tails of the Spiny Lobster are versatile in how they can be cooked and prepared.

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  • Mussels

    Our whole cooked mussels are cultivated for optimum flavor and texture. They are great with a white wine sauce. The meat is perfect for stews, soups, and other seafood dishes.

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  • Clams

    Our clams are harvested at peak time and already cleaned, cooked, and then frozen. They are ready to use for dishes such as chowders, paellas, pastas, and more.

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  • Pasteurized Crabmeat

    The Blue Swimming Crab is prevalent in the waters of Southeast Asian countries, including Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

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  • Cod

    Cod is a popular fish all across the U.S. The thin cut of this versatile fish is moderately firm, yet sweet and juicy. It is well-known for being breaded and fried making it a Friday night fish fry favorite!

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  • Snow Crab

    The Snow Crab section is known for the sweet taste of the white meat contained in the body and legs. It is an excellent source of protein and other vitamins, while still remaining low in saturated fat.

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  • Squid

    There is a wide variety of ways to prepare squid. The tubes and tentacles can be steamed, fried, and sautéed.

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